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Buy Now How it works SB2000TM works with all Diets to reduce your sugar intake! SB2000 has White Kidney Bean Extract to  block starches and complex carbohydrates. SB2000TM has been proven in various clinical trials around the world!
SB2000TM blocks 20 grams of sugar so even when you cheat a little, it won’t hurt you! SB2000TM has White Kidney Bean so it blocks starches along with sugars. SB2000TM is an all natural supplement.
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Clinically studied and proven to inhibit sucrose (simple table sugar) Blocks simple sugars from being digested Sucrose (simple sugar) inhibitor Probiotic properties Clinical Trials prove White Kidney bean Extract effectively blocks starches (complex carbohydrates) from foods like potatoes and pasta. Help control blood glucose levels and body weight It’s naturally occurring Arabinose is an L-form, and because it is not metabolized in humans it has no caloric value.
Recent studies have been conducted on the nutritional and physiological function of L-arabinose as it relates to the effects on the intestinal absorption of sucrose. These show that L-arabinose will suppress the increase of blood glucose and plasma insulin after ingestion of sucrose (simple sugar). In vitro studies on Caco-2 cells prove that L-arabinose will inhibit sucrase activity.   These studies conclude that L-arabinose inhibits the absorption of sucrose from the small intestine. To illustrate, adding 2-3% of L-arabinose with sucrose causes an approximate 60% reduction of the digestion of sucrose in the small intestine. The undigested sucrose and L-arabinose produces a short-chain fatty acid and thus functions similarly to dietary fiber.   Therefore, L-arabinose has great merits as a sweetener and food additive to help regulate blood sugar levels, combat obesity, and to maintain good health.   The chart below shows how L-arabinose works to flow sucrase through the digestive process reducing the absorption of up to 20 grams of sucrase per day when taken at effective doses.
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I love this product.  I cannot believe how well it works for me.  I have dropped two pant sizes in 3 weeks.  I love it because I have not changed how I eat.  I eat what I want but I still lost weight. LaTonya, San Diego, CA
You outdid yourself this time.  I used your HCG and loved it but it was too hard for me.  I started using Sugar blocker about 4 weeks ago and I have lost 8lbs.  That may not seem like much but I still eat sweets and spaghetti.  I couldn't eat those on your HCG diet. Phillip, Charlotte, NC
I did it, then I didn't do it.  I lost it then I gained it back.  I have self control issues because I am an emotional eater.  I eat when things are good and I eat more when things are bad.  I lost 80lbs on previous diets but then I gained them back.  Four weeks ago I started with Sugar blocker and I have lost 6 lbs.  I am so happy because I still eat hamburgers and eat out every day but I am still losing weight.  Thank you for helping me. Brenda, St. Paul, MN
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